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Inspire HRWest -
The truth about mentor-mentee relationships (good, bad, and fun)

Join me and my colleague, Shimina Harris, as we demystify mentorship while providing some real-life examples and pitfalls. During our one-hour interactive discussion, we will talk about

  • The differences between a mentor, an advisor, and a sponsor,

  • Successful behaviors and expectations of a mentor/mentee relationship, and

  • Navigating the grey areas of mentor/mentee relationships

The Future of Remote Work

We are in the midst of a job market for technical talent that is more competitive than any we’ve seen in recent memory. In order to stave off their competition, companies can no longer rely on the recruitment and retention methods that have been effective for them in the past.

This session will uncover the most important technologies enabling companies to evolve their strategies for winning the talent war, while ensuring that their most valuable employees are provided the career development opportunities necessary to keep them around for the long haul.